Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where are the Sticky Antlers now?

Ever since Keith Jones and Deon Maas started screening their documentary Punk In Africa all over the world I have had a steady influx of interest in Sticky Antlers. 

Sticky Antlers was one of SA's most obscure/loud/noise bands during the years 2008 to 2010, sending crowds running out the door at their first shows, it soon snow-balled beyond original expectations when people started liking us. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, in 2010 our drone guitarist Damon Civin left to further his studies abroad, we did not feel we could ever find a replacement so we decided to rather put an end to Sticky Antlers.

We released two albums in our short lifespan, the first was a self titled CD and in 2010 we followed with the "Tupperware Tombstone", a fitting name considering we were calling it quits, and we were offering music in a plastic case. The album came out with a limited edition 2 hour DVD, more of a video montage of us recording, goofing off and touring through Cape Town.

We are however still making music in one form or another, Andreas and Myself (Martinique) started a project called Make-Overs and Jaco and Andreas started Brown Spiders, later joined by Andrew Kapp on bass.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sticky Antlers 2007-2010

Sticky Antlers were always bound to stick out like a bleeding corpse at a gospel tent revival and they definitely do not give you more of the same. Emerging from the dismal grayness of Pretoria with a “haunting, sometimes hysterical sound” (Fred de Vries, review in Weekender Dec 13-14 2008), the music is fuelled by human ignorance, feverish nightmares, auditory hallucinations, befriending insects, ecstatic love, apocalyptic visions and daytime TV gibberish. Although the group uses a very traditional setup of drums, bass and guitars they still manage to elude easy definition, one can only describe the diverse and intense sounds as energetic, tense, noisy, beautiful, spontaneous, and unpredictable. Incorporating tribal chants, sonic freak-outs and motorik beats driven into a frenzied almost trance-like state, Sticky Antlers offers the audience something altogether different and much more unusual.


Sticky Antlers were brought together through a contradictory love of music ranging from noise, pop, rock, everything in-between and outside. They originally started of as a low-fi noise improvisations band, creating sounds with anything they could lay their hands on, and recording two CD’r albums, brought out in very limited editions on the KRNGY logo. Andreas (guitar and backing vox) and Martinique (bass, tambourine, toys and vox) had previously played in other bands but both Damon (guitar, drums and tambourine) and Jaco (drums) were completely new to their instruments (with no musical training at all) and the first Sticky Antlers live shows were based completely around uninhibited improvisations. However, the band could not sit still and soon more structured songs were written (many of which remain up to date unreleased) and their first multi track self-titled album was recorded in the winter of 2008 and released later that year.

Recent news on the Sticky Antlers has been both sad and ecstatic, they are releasing Tupperware Tombstone on the 26 August 2010 at the Bohemian in Johannesburg, first 75 copies include a limited DVD, but this is also one of their last shows. Damon has been accepted to Cambridge and the others say it just wont be the same to carry on without him. At least they aren’t leaving us empty handed!

Sticky Antlers has performed at various festivals and venues in South Africa:

Pavement Special Launch Issue Three

Festival (a music festival held in a small town in the Free State called Val),

Ed’s Place music festival (Pretoria)

Café Arc (Pretoria),

Rock Shack (Centurion),

Tings and Times (Pretoria),

Seedys RIP party (Seedys Shop, Pretoria),

Roxies Rhythm Bar (Johannesburg),

Yoof (Potchefstroom),

The Gossip Lounge (Kimberley)

Tempos (Johannesburg)

Bohemian (Johannesburg)

Steak en Ale, Centurion (With Nul)

Evol (Cape Town)

Assembly (Cape Town)

Corner Bar (Cape Town)

Sunningdales (Johannesburg)

Reviews and Press:

Weekender (Weekend edition 13-14 December 2008 and March 2009)

Pavement Special (Issue Three 2008)

A Look Away Magazine (First issue of 2009)

The Star (2009)

The Pretoria News (2009)

Voted “South Africa’s second Bright Thing” for 2009 in Art SA

Sunday Times (2010)

Cape Argus (2009)


Sticky Antlers

Tupperware Tombstone: (2010): Avaliable on the KRNGY logo from the 26 August, first 75 copies sold have limited edition DVD included.

Self-Titled Album (2008): available on KRNGY.

John Lennon Turning in Barry Manilow’s Grave: Limited CD’r only available through KRNGY

Large Brown Stool Ambulating in the Hall: Limited CD’r only available through KRNGY